Designer / Director's Vision

Breeziway’s founder, director & lead designer, Sandra Nagel Whitworth, knows that it is never too late to follow new and passionate directions in life; whether they are personal or professional. Life is to be celebrated, and life’s celebrations are moments when every woman wants to feel and look her best. Sandra is devoted to using her talents and those of her team in the service of women during such marvelous moments of celebration. 

Breeziway ("Breezi", being a childhood nickname) represents the return to an early love in life for Sandra - that of fashion - after years of teaching, research, and practice in her chosen academic fields. She believes that a woman’s face is truly the most important expression of her inner, individual beauty, and adores when this beauty and individuality are framed and defined through a hat, hair adornment or other accessory. A women's style is not complete until she has attended to these final touches in her fashion choices. 

She brings meticulous attention to these details, which finalize a woman’s sense of style. This is what Breeziway is about. Sandra gathers the finest of materials and uses the best of composition to create a range of designs to complement her client's choice of formal or informal apparel and her vision. She offers new options with each collection, and provides creative consultation for exclusive designs to boutique affiliates and individual clients.