Our Services

Prior to the minimalist approach to fashion that emerged in the late 1970’s, women enjoyed hats and hair accessories routinely as an expression of their personal style. We absolutely adore that more women are rediscovering this fun and creative way of highlighting and accentuating their individuality and inner beauty. Facial expressions should be our most intimate mirroring of ourselves, and it is our philosophy that a woman can and should pay as much attention to how she frames these expressions through fashion, as she does for her garments.

Brides are now offered choices beyond the traditional tiara and tulle veil to accessorize their gowns, and this trend provides fresh fun and challenge for us all. We work with a range of clients, including boutique owners, gown designers, and personal consults, to help each accessorize special occasion ensembles. Although we specialize in bridal headpiece designs, we are often asked to create gown, purse or shoe accents, jewelry, and crystal or silk flower bouquets that complement a bride’s gown and bring all elements together for a unique look. . . a look that embodies couture elegance. A woman’s wedding day is an expression of the essence of her love. We understand how important every detail is to her and provide unrelenting energy and support to ensure that she is delighted with her designs.  

We also understand that there are a range of other special occasions for celebrating life, and we are on hand to accessorize those events too! We are poised to equally serve two types of client; one has a clear vision of her style and seeks help with the technicalities to achieve that look, while the other seeks more guidance regarding her options. We help her to discover her own style by sharing design elements and ideas that we think would work well for her. We are happy to advise each client regarding the materials and designs that would best complement her gown and event theme. This consultation can be done remotely via email, phone, and photograph exchange. We are also pleased to offer personal face-to-face consulation services at trunk shows and via our local salon and boutique affliliates.